Why is it bad and how to find commented posts in website styles

It can be very convenient to comment out the code, because this function allows you to leave it in place and start using it when you need it. Commented out entries in website styles. To comment out CSS entries (entries in website styles) a slash with an asterisk is used. It will look like this: /* the code to be commented out */. Since comments can also be used in php and html, very often commenting on posts in website styles can be difficult, especially if a person has no experience in this. Do not forget that it depends on which file you are working with and the code for commenting. It's easy to make a mistake if you want to comment out the code that already contains comments. In this case, it is better to remove the explanations, but if they are really important, then you have to play with slashes. How to fix the errors that have appeared in the styles of the website. Website development is only a small part of its successful functioning. To make it interesting for users, you need to constantly improve it and engage in its promotion. If big companies hire a staff of SEO specialists, then ordinary entrepreneurs cannot afford such expenses. In such a situation, it is appropriate to turn to online services to analyze the website. The Sonar.Network platform is the optimal solution for a website technical audit. The service is fully automated, so errors on the website will always be found on time, because their search does not depend on the human factor. Every day the client receives a report on the errors detected in the website. The report contains statistics of the website's operation, as well as recommendations for improving its work. Quite often, errors related to commenting CSS codes occur. As a result, the website malfunctions. You can, of course, independently look for the cause of the problem. But, as a rule, such actions are inappropriate, since they take a lot of time and do not always guarantee a positive result. Especially if you are a beginner and do not have proper experience or if the program is too large. Sometimes trying to fix mistakes can lead to more mistakes. As a result of a technical audit of the website conducted by the Sonar.Network service, all errors associated with commented out style entries are found in just a few minutes. The Sonar.Network platform offers its customers a choice of 4 tariff plans, the main difference of which is the number of websites checked. In addition, after registration, it is possible to test the service for an unlimited time for free. Of course, the Sonar.Network platform will help you effectively manage your website and minimize the number of errors in its operation, including those related to commented out entries.
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