Why is it bad and how to find commented out javascript code

When writing javascript code, all commands are separated by semicolons and, for ease of reading the code, each command is written on a new line. In many cases, when switching to another line, there is no need to put a semicolon, since the program perceives the transition to a new line as the beginning of a new command. But this is not always the case, so it is better to put a semicolon after the command is completed in order to avoid unnecessary errors on the website, which are then difficult to detect. Comments when writing javascript code. After a certain period of time, the program grows and becomes more complex. Therefore, it becomes necessary to add comments that explain what is happening and its reason. Comments can be located anywhere in the program and have absolutely no effect on its operation. The javascript interpreter ignores them. Single-line comments are opened with a double slash, and everything written on this line is considered a comment. Multi-line comments begin and end with a slash with an asterisk. Commenting out the current code is one of the methods to improve the website's performance. But in some cases, comments hide not only function descriptions, but whole pieces of code as well. Perhaps they will be needed in the future, or maybe these are outdated parts and are not needed. In both the first and second cases, in addition to benefits, it is also a risk to the security of the program. Sometimes there is a need to remove the code from the website for a while, then the best option is to comment it out. To return it, you need to uncomment, but there is a risk of getting confused in slabs and asterisks. How to fix website errors. If you are interested in the effective work of your resource, then you need to constantly conduct a technical audit of the website in order not only to identify existing errors in its work, but also to prevent their occurrence in the future. Website analysis must be carried out both at the initial stage of the website's operation, and when it is already sufficiently promoted. It is almost impossible to independently identify all possible errors in the operation of the website, moreover, it will take a lot of time and effort. Especially if you have several working websites. The best option for a technical website audit is the use of website analysis programs. A good solution is a cloud service that will check your service daily for SEO errors and validate all pages of the website. You can choose the tariff that suits you best. The main difference in tariffs is in the maximum number of websites to check. All tariffs have a limit on website pages to check. Checks are carried out daily with a constant report on the errors found. To appreciate all the benefits of the service, a free unlimited time period is offered.
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