Why empty links or those without hrefs are dangerous and how to find them

Links are the backbone of every hypertext document. Thanks to them, you can create internal linking of the website, as well as make out links to other Internet portals, websites, services. The main advantage of href links is that you can link not only to a specific page or website, but also to a separate file. The only condition is access to it. Even the youngest programmer knows about the importance of correctly writing website codes, about how dangerous it is to make mistakes there, because the entered code may simply not work. In the case of links, the result of an error in the body of the code may be the absence of highlighting, underlining, changing the color of the link, and when clicked, not the linked file will be displayed, but an error or a warning window. Which links are called empty? To create a regular link, use the <a> tag, it means, the general form and formula of the link looks like this: </ a> <a href = "URL"> link text </ a>. Here, instead of the URL, the address of the target file is entered, and the "link text" is what the user will see and the selected text that they will click. When creating an empty link, the # sign is used, which is entered in the address field, it means, instead of the URL: <a href = "#"> link text </ a>. Such a link remains fully functional, only when clicking on it, the user will not be redirected to another website, portal, file. More often than not, the page just scrolls up to the top. The harm of empty links and their impact on the website. Empty links do not do much harm and, in fact, they are completely useless. When a person sees a link and clicks it, he wants to gain access to some file of interest. There is no access, and, therefore, the desire to continue using your service also decreases. The presence of empty links or errors on the website also negatively affects the promotion of the website in search engines. For example, after a while, after installing an empty link in the code, you have a high probability of getting under the search engine filter. Subsequently, traffic from it is significantly reduced, which, of course, affects the state of your business. How do I find empty links on a website? Getting rid of empty links is not a critical, but still recommended, event. However, finding a small link in a large code of a large website on your own is a difficult task. To do this, it is recommended to do a technical audit of the website, which will show all errors in the code. It doesn't take a lot of time to analyze the website. There is Sonar.network service, thanks to which you can analyze the website quickly and efficiently. For a deep check of a seo website, you only need the address of the web page, which is entered in a special line. After a short time, you get an automated and fast website analysis that will help you cope with any code-related problem.
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