Why empty link anchors are dangerous and how to find them

Anchor is the text of the link. In html, the anchor is the link text that is placed between the <a> and </a> tags. All links can be divided into anchor and non-anchor links. For website promotion, anchor links are more effective because they contain search keywords. But non-anchor links are safer, because the website can easily get banned by the search engine for misuse of the link mass. What are non-anchor links. Non-anchor links do not have dynamic weight, and therefore do not play a role in SEO promotion. But here the near-reference text is important. It must contain keywords in order to have an impact on the ranking of the website. Judging by the name of the non-anchor link, one could conclude that this is a link in which there is no text. But this is not the case. There is a text, but search engines do not consider it as carrying SEO-semantic load. Non-anchor links are those where the text does not directly tell about the content of the page, but is its URL or the domain of the website. There are also links consisting of words here, there, over there without anchor. Links with brand names are also considered non-anchor. But in any case, when inserting links into the text on your website, naturalness is welcomed. It means, this link must be relevant. In addition, multiple repetitions of the same link are not encouraged. This may be perceived as spam by search engines and your website will be blocked. It is of great importance on which resources the links to your website are placed. If they do not have a very good reputation, then this may have a negative effect on your portal. The same situation occurs if your website contains links to websites with low relevance. How to fix errors related to empty link anchors. During a technical audit of a website, it is very difficult to identify all the errors related to its operation on your own. Especially when it comes to errors in the reference list. Linking is a serious job and must be taken very seriously. After all, not a single authoritative relevant website wants to post a link to your resource, risking being sanctioned by search engines. The most common website link errors are links with an empty <a> tag leading to a page that does not exist. A team of SEO specialists helps large companies find these errors by analyzing the website. If you can't afford it, then Sonar.network is the ideal option for you. This is an automated online resource that will conduct a daily technical audit of the website and send you a report on the errors found. You can choose a tariff that suits you (tariffs differ only in the number of websites that Sonar.network checks) and, thanks to a comprehensive daily check, be sure of the safety of your website.
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