Which pages have the minimum HTML / TEXT ratio

The maximum and minimum HTML/TEXT ratio is a very important part of any website optimization. Unfortunately, many people neglect this and consider it sufficient to optimize only text and graphic content: key phrases in the text, correctly filled meta tags for text and published images. The HTML/TEXT ratio should be one of the many components of your website's internal optimization. Search engines diligently make sure that the amount of code does not exceed the textual content of the pages on your website. Resources that have a lot of code are not strongly encouraged by search engines. Therefore, for good optimization, the minimum HTML/TEXT ratio was approximately found - this is 85/15% and the optimal one is about 50%. Of course, the more quality text content there is on the website, the better. But the problem may be not only in a small amount of text, but also in a large amount of code. This problem often applies to online stores, especially those with a large output in cycles. The website code should be as clean as possible, fewer attributes - more styles, you should not throw unnecessary functionality, unnecessary scripts and styles, counters and informers into your website template. Sometimes the state of the templates is so deplorable that it is much easier to order a new template that will meet all the quality criteria of today. But if you need to at least exceed the minimum HTML/TEXT ratio, then you can try and “clean up” the code. If on your own you cannot cope with this and optimize the code of your website, then contact a competent specialist who cannot only shorten the code several times, but also make new changes that are useful for your website. Sonar.Network will help you find the ratio of HTML to text less than 15%.
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