What's wrong and how to find commented out code in html

Html comments are any code text that is not visible on the website. In html code, comments are formed by the symbols <!-- and -->. Any text or individual element placed in these characters will be ignored by the browser. You can find the comment code by conducting a seo analysis of the website. They are used in two cases: - to leave some explanations, reminders or descriptions for programmers, it means, to structure the document; - in order to temporarily disable the code, because the commented out text in the code is not displayed by the browser on the web page. Advantages of html comments. The process of debugging code is very important, and comments play a helper function. For example, instead of deleting a block of code, you can hide it, and then, at the necessary moment, bring it back to the page by deleting comments. They also help to quickly navigate the page layout and find the necessary block. Disadvantages of commented out code. When writing comments, it is easy to make mistakes that will cause errors on the website. One of the most popular mistakes is merging two dashes in opening and closing code (<!-- and -->) into one big (). To identify the causes of errors, you need to conduct a technical audit of the website, because an independent search for an error in a commented-out html code block is a rather laborious process. Comments are very contaminating to code as they can accumulate over the years. No programmer will dare to delete them, because they are not 100% sure that this comment is no longer relevant or does not play an important role in the code. As a result, the commented out code takes up unnecessary space, without carrying important information and becoming less and less relevant every day. Such code implies functions that no longer exist, and the variables used have not been changed for a long time. In two words, commented-out code adheres to out-of-date conventions and makes the module messy and difficult to read. How do I find the commented out code? A high-quality technical audit of the website will help you find comments in the code of any page. However, it is not always possible to independently analyze the website, search for the necessary code block. It is rather difficult to do this on your own, since it is not immediately possible to see the necessary symbols denoting a comment among voluminous and long codes. The convenient online service sonar.network will be an excellent assistant for website auditing. Here you can conduct a complete analysis of the website by simply adding its address to the command line. After a technical check, all problems, errors and where they lie will be visible. When the technical analysis of the website shows that the error is in the commented out code, do not be afraid to delete it. Source code control systems still retain this code, and in case someone needs it again, it can be found in the previous version.
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