What pages on the website take a long time to load?

The loading speed and full display of pages of any website depends on many reasons. But if your website is in no hurry to load quickly, then most likely the reason for this is a long server response, incorrect configuration or choice of CMS, as well as the low quality of the developed code and its integration with the platform. And solving the problem that has appeared is not so easy. If a programmer was able to compose the perfect code and simplify it as much as possible for responsiveness, this is not a guarantee of lightning-fast operation of the website, since it is necessary to take care of system administration and configure the server. And it is very difficult to find a specialist who can combine several difficult specialties. When a custom-made website is created, it is rare that professionals perform a full-fledged setup on the hosting, which is why most of the reasons for the slow operation of the website appear. The default settings are never the best. But in some cases, a web specialist can make his own changes to the hosting settings and your website will work even slower. And it is very difficult for the customer to understand what the reason is: either a long server response, incompetent developers, or the wrong system has been chosen. What can you do to avoid this situation? Of course, the choice of a professional for the development and maintenance of your website must be done carefully and you should pay attention to all the little things. And if you already have a website with poor responsiveness, then you need to deal with this. But the search for other people's mistakes is a rather laborious process that requires from the professional not only the appropriate skills, but also extraordinary attention and patience. If loading a website takes a long time, and the reason for this may be a long server response, bad code or incorrect system operation, then you need an experienced professional, or even a whole team of experts. It is almost impossible to find all pages with a long server response by yourself, especially when it comes to a website with more than 1000 pages. And with Sonar.Network it is easy to do this, add a website - and in the left menu of the website choose the item "Server long response".
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