What happens if the website opens with HTTP and HTTPS

After you purchased and installed an SSL certificate on your website, instead of the HTTPS protocol, the HTTP protocol started to be displayed in your website address. When functioning correctly, a green lock is displayed, which is located on the left near the address bar. However, on some pages of the website, instead of a green lock, a gray lock and a yellow exclamation mark are displayed (depending on the browser used, the lock may differ slightly). Such a page will not open, or will open with an error in code. 80% of errors on the website are related to the fact that there are extraneous files on it: pictures, scripts, documents for downloading, links on the download path of malicious files. If the website is small, has several pages, then you can try to solve the problem yourself by going through all the pages, replacing it from HTTP to HTTPS. But if the website is full and has many pages, then manual revision is almost impossible. Sometimes the problem is with SSL and TLS. To finally find out where the error is, you need to use the sonar.network website. On Russian Internet, there are many links, video lessons, forums that provide their own ways of solving this problem. Basically, these are step by step instructions, installing paid plugins. But if you follow these recommendations, there is a chance to aggravate the position of the website, cause more damage to it. Anyway this is not correct and it is not economically profitable. Identifying the error, Sonar.network helps you find out the root of the problem and restore your website to its previous usable state. Everything happens online: - You need to register on the website; - Choose a suitable tariff and start using it. To ensure the quality, Sonar provides the opportunity to use its services for free for one week. Website analysis takes 30-40 minutes. After that, you will be shown all the errors in detail and tips for solving them. Most customers fix bugs on the first day of use. Benefits. The technical audit of the website is carried out automatically. You don't need to download or install anything on your computer. The system itself prepares and sends you a report. Other actual benefits include the following: - 24/7 technical support for users promptly and clearly answers questions related to the system. - Errors are structured by type: they are generated in order of importance. - For the website to work correctly, JS, CSS, HTML pages are validated. - Actual cost, inexpensive tariff packages. - You also get the opportunity to carry out seo page analysis, conduct online website analytics and website quality analysis. For more information, write to us by email and call the contact number indicated on the website.
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