What does 500 server error mean?

500 Internal Server Error. Any internal server error that does not fall within the scope of other class errors. Appeared in HTTP/1.0.
The most common cause of Error 500 (Internal Server Error) is incorrect syntax of the .htaccess file or the presence of unsupported directives. Most often, it is enough to comment out the Options directive (for this you need to put a hash - # at the beginning of the line), and the problem will disappear.
Error 500 can also occur due to mishandling of CGI scripts: - CGI scripts must have UNIX line endings (\n), not Windows format (\r\n). To do this, they must be uploaded to the server via FTP in ASCII mode. - CGI scripts and the folders in which they are located must be writable only by the owner, it means, have 0755 (drwxr-xr-x) rights. - Incorrect HTTP response titles were generated as a result of the CGI script. In this case, to solve the problem, it is useful to refer to the error_log (it can be found in the control panel in the section "Hosting / Statistics / Log files / Errors").

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