TITLE of more than 150 characters

If you use the meta TITLE tag of more than 150 characters or much less, then this will negatively affect its perception, and this is only one of the rules for the correct spelling of the page title. This attribute is displayed on the first line as the title of your website in search results. It must be unique on each page of the website, because it can be used to identify the page. Despite the fact that the volume of the TITLE meta tag cannot be more than 150 characters, since it will not be fully displayed in the search engine results, the SEO-optimizer must fit in it the keywords or the main keyword phrase by which this page is being promoted, and these keys are also located in the text. On the one hand, it is corny and simple, but only a true master of his craft can accommodate useful words in a limited volume and at the same time make the text readable and attractive. The title should contain everything that the user who follows the link can find. Use in each TITLE the "main" words about your website, if it is a salon, then, use the word "salon", if your website represents a studio, then "studio". Prefer high-frequency queries, but don't use more than 3 words in one title. If you work in relation to the region, then consider this: "in Moscow" or "in St. Petersburg". Try to make it readable, for example, "services in Moscow" rather than "service Moscow". Write it in the way you would like it to read, and you are able to follow the link. And do not forget that it is not recommended to write TITLE of more than 150 characters. Also, it is worth considering that when writing TITLE it is necessary to use an em dash, not a hyphen. Use such quotes «», as "" in HTML are service characters. You can always find where on your website the TITLE length is more than 150 characters using Sonar.Network
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