How to find pages with more than one H1

The h1 tag, used in all versions of HTML, is one of the main tags. It usually frames key headings and titles. However, it should not be confused with a text markup tool such as <title>, which is used to denote the title of a page. Unlike h1, the latter is written at the top of the page, in the so-called header, while h1 is used in its body. The expert opinion says that one page can contain only one h1 tag. Otherwise, a larger number can be interpreted by search robots as overspam, which can lead to the website being banned. How to write a tag correctly in order to make the most of its capabilities: 1: The tag should contain key phrases and words used for promotion; 2: Don't overload the title, it should contain just a few words; 3: The text used must be readable and eye-catching; 4: If you write tags yourself, make sure that they are not duplicated by the engine's algorithm; 5: It is important that the text enclosed in h1 is consistent with the theme written in the title; When promoting a page, it is very important to take into account that, like the text, the title must be unique. And besides, it should be catchy, accurately reflecting the topic. There is absolutely no need to duplicate the content of the Title tag in the h1 tag, while each page of the website must contain unique titles in the h1-h6 tags. So it's best to avoid any repetition. Another important condition to consider is that the title should never be written in such a way that it simply lists the keys. The semantic load of content is an important part of the promotion system. How to find pages on which there are several H1. Sonar.Network finds all duplicates of H1. In a few clicks, you can find pages on which several tags are used, and removing them from the page is easy.
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