How to find pages with content noindex

Content nonindex is an element that every person connected with the IT world encounters. Optimizers and developers know that the TIC and PR indicators are in direct proportion to the number of links to the website, so they pay close attention to this issue. However, what to do if the analysis of the website operation shows that the resource refers to sources that do not correspond to the topic? There is a content noindex for this. What is content noindex. Such an element is used to prohibit indexing of a certain part of the text. At the same time, noindex links and images are not hidden from search engines. Even if an anchor or a phrase is not indexed, the link will still be in the index. It is worth noting that some HTML editors do not work with noindex because they do not consider it valid. Meanwhile, if you write the tag in the correct form, then it will certainly work, and all the information contained there does not get into the index. What can be achieved using content noindex: - prohibition of service areas of the text part; - a ban on an unlimited number of characters (from a small fragment to a whole page); - complete removal of content from search engines. It should be noted that this element is not tied to any specific place - it can be located in any part of the html-code. Along with noindex, the nofollow element is often used. It performs a similar task - preventing search engines from indexing text material. Together, they give a guaranteed result, not allowing you to go to unnecessary links and excluding the slightest mistakes on the website. How to find and use the content noindex attribute. Even experts often cannot cope with the search for pages with a content index, and, as the technical audit of the website shows, apply this element correctly. In order to cope with a difficult task, you will need a full check of the website, with which the service works successfully. Our experts provide a wide range of services at the lowest price. For only 490 rubles per month you will receive: - website quality check; - website analysis; - daily online audit; - the limit of pages per website is 50 thousand without changing the tariff; - validation of file styles and inline; - recursive website checks anywhere in the world; - detailed answers to any question that interests you; - full customer support. Thanks to the service, each client gets the opportunity to find not only errors related to content noindex, but also many others, such as cyclic redirects, pages without href in the link, lack of important elements (H1 titles, lack of content, anchors, lack of characters in TITLE, etc.). Experts will help you deal with any difficulties and reach the ideal level of optimizing your website.
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