How to find cyclic redirects on the website

Everyone who is somehow connected with the IT world has to work with redirects. At the same time, it happens so that it is not easy for SEO specialists to set them up, and for developers to understand their functions. What are redirects. This concept means redirecting website users to a URL that is different from the requested page. When you repeatedly go to the same page, the website's ranking deteriorates, and redirects are designed to help with this problem, helping to fight it. There are at least 9 redirects, however, most often only three are used: 301 Moved Permanently; 302 Found, 302 Moved Temporarily and 307 Temporary Direct. In the first case, it is indicated that the document has been permanently migrated to the new URL. The old address is no longer valid, as a new one takes its place. The second redirect reports that the page has been moved temporarily and the old address remains unchanged. In the case of the third redirect, it is reported that the requested page is available at a different address for a short time, after which the user can return to the old address again. Meanwhile, the redirect can become cyclical, causing the redirect to the URL to happen many times. This is considered a bug on the website and it needs to be fixed in order to resume a normal, single redirect. Causes of a cyclic redirect. As a technical audit of a website shows, repeated redirects can occur for a number of reasons, among which the following are most common: - Location of two, three, or even four consecutive redirects. When using several of them, the robot will redirect the user to another URL multiple times. - Browser caching, or in other words, when they remember redirects. - Incorrect use of hosting conditions, in which the browser redirects the user to another address several times. - Wrong settings for the 301st redirect. How to eliminate cyclic redirects. Considering the fact that there can be many errors, and searching for the cause will take a lot of time, a high-quality analysis of the website and a check of website optimization will be required., a service that provides comprehensive services for eliminating any problems with the operation of Internet pages, will help to cope with this. This is where you can analyze the SEO website, which will help you find out various inaccuracies, determine validation, html and other necessary things. Our experts conduct a daily online audit in order to optimize the performance of your website. By contacting us, you get: - a full package of services for a minimum fee (490 rubles per month for 1 website); - analysis of the page and website from anywhere in the world; - detailed advice on emerging issues; - customer support from professionals. With the help of the service, everyone who applies will be able to find the reasons for the cyclic redirect and eliminate them, allowing the required website to work without interruption.
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