How do you know where there is little content on the page?

Insufficient amount of content on the resource pages may be the reason that the website's positions will not meet the expectations of its owner, since it is the content that assumes the possibility of ranking. Therefore, the lack of text, or an insufficient amount of it, will not allow the website to get a more or less decent rating. It means that any website, especially informational, must contain good, well-optimized content.
But where to get it? It is not so easy to produce high-quality content, and weak, uninteresting content can also negatively affect website traffic. In fact, serious resources are never engaged in replicating other people's texts.
They generate topics themselves, collect information, process it and present interesting, useful articles and texts to the readers' judgment. However, doing this kind of work every day well is difficult enough. And it is precisely this circumstance that leads to a situation where there is either little content on the website, or it does not differ in good quality and originality.
It is possible to distinguish good correct content from bad by the following criteria:
1: Author's, unique text;
2: Competent, engaging presentation;
3: Texts are protected from copying;
the easiest way is to hire an author or group of authors. The same technique is used in journalism, which is nothing more than a relay of other people's ideas and thoughts. At least, this is what becomes the impetus for further journalistic activities. As for Internet projects, you can fill the resource with thematic content by attracting third-party authors, or you can simply buy the necessary texts on specialized exchanges that can be found on the network. Sonar.Network is already able to find pages where there is not enough text for the correct page promotion and will show you these pages in two clicks.

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