Forbidden pages in robots.txt, how to find links to them

In order to create and promote a website that will subsequently bring good income, you need to understand many files of the engine used. You need to know exactly their principle of operation, purpose, nuances, etc. Many CMS systems use the same type of robots.txt files. What are robots.txt files? Robot.txt is a file that contains recommendations for search robots. It indicates the data that cannot be scanned. You can find this file by following the link, where is the name of the website you need. Robot.txt is a text file in notepad. It is located in any engine and includes pages that are prohibited from crawling and search results. But you should pay attention to the fact that this file is regarded solely as a recommendation for robots. It means, the search engine can ignore this file and crawl forbidden pages. In any case, it is very important to correctly compose the file code to avoid errors on the website. Purpose of files for robots. As an example, you can take a website with tags that were created by a separate page with issue. It makes no sense for search engines to display this information. Otherwise, the website's information will be duplicated and an unnecessary additional link will appear in the search results. It means, the main purpose of the robots.txt file is to prohibit search robots from displaying the page, which subsequently duplicate information or display personal data of website users. Each line of the file is a link to a page prohibited for indexing. Thus, a properly compiled file for a search robot will solve two problems at once: - Internet users will not be able to get and see the personal information of users of a certain website; - as a result of the search, only one necessary link will be displayed, without duplicates. How do I check if robots.txt is correct? An error-free option for filling out a file with recommendations for search robots is the desire of any website owner. If you need to analyze the portal independently and check whether the recommendations are filled in correctly, and you have never used this engine before and do not understand the whole principle of operation, then you can use a convenient online service for technical audit of the website - This Internet portal in the shortest possible time conducts a high-quality and in-depth analysis of the website, after which it will show you all the errors and shortcomings in the files and code of the website. is one of the best and most convenient portals for analyzing a website for errors online. For a complete technical audit of the website, you just need to copy the website address and paste it into a special field. After that, the analysis of the Internet website begins, after which you will know exactly what to fix and where the work of a programmer is required.
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