Find more than one TITLE per page

Title is the most significant tag, it is important for internal optimization of the page code for search robots. Search robots pay special attention to the text enclosed in this tag. This fact should be used with the greatest benefit, because there is no more than one Title per page. The Title tag contains the text, which is further located in the upper field of the Internet browser. It is this text that is displayed when the user searches. Hence, special attention should be paid to the heading enclosed in the Title; its content should most succinctly convey the meaning of the page content, contain a keyword. Each page has its own distinct title, no more than one Title per page. Secrets of working with the Title tag. Search robots do not process all the words used in the tag, they only perceive the words that are indicated first, the rest are simply cut off. The number of words used is different and depends on which search engine is indexing the website. Therefore, webmasters should write keywords for search queries at the very beginning of the title. It is best not to use stop words in the title, these are: and, or, not, oh - search engines simply ignore them. Also, the use of stop symbols in the title is undesirable, these are: (), =,!, /, \. There is an assumption that all words located after a word stop or a stop symbol are cut and simply not taken into account. The use of key queries in the title helps in the development of the website, contributes to its better indexing in the search results. There is no analogue to this tag at the moment. Unfortunately, for each page of the website, you can use no more than one Title. How to find several TITLEs on one page of the website? The human factor or a programmer's mistake when developing your website, in any case, this is a reason to sound the alarm. Fortunately, Sonar.Network can easily find pages on your website where the TITLE tag has been used several times.
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