Find more than one DESCRIPTION

Description is a fairly important meta tag that contains a short description of the page. Its size is limited to one or two small sentences that convey the essence of the page's content. The text contained in the description becomes the basis for the snippet to be compiled by the search robot. The use of more than one description is impractical due to the peculiarities of search engine algorithms. They use only the first 200 characters written in the description, the rest are cut and do not play a role, while in the compiled snippet, an excessively long description will look cut. Description. This tag should be filled out with due care. Don't forget that a well-written snippet will attract additional visitors to your website. If the description tag was filled in a bad way, if there is more than one sentence in it, the description is complex and full of spam words, then the search robot will simply refuse to use it, it will compose a snippet based on a random sample of phrases from the text of the page. The resulting snippet as a result of such manipulations will no longer look attractive, which reduces the visitor's desire to visit the page. The Role of Description. It is impossible to argue that description plays a significant role in assigning a high ranking to a page in SERPs. There is no specific information on this account. But nevertheless, the importance of this tag is evidenced by at least the fact that Google recommended that webmasters use it to describe their pages. At the moment, description attracts a visitor, due to a beautiful presentation of the essence of the page's content. A good description containing no more than one sentence is a guarantee of the user's choice in your favor. How to find several DESCRIPTION meta tags on the page. Human factor or a programmer's mistake while developing your website, in any case, this is a reason to sound the alarm. Fortunately, Sonar.Network can easily find pages on your website where the DESCRIPTION tag has been used several times.
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