Find more than 10 external links per page

External website links are those that link to various websites. Many website owners publish links to third-party resources on their website or even place these links in the footer of the website to be displayed on each page of the website, as a result, more than 5 links to third-party resources are placed on each page of the website, which turns the website into a link dump. Carefully analyze your website for links to other people's websites and remove them if possible, since they will not be useful. Young websites should be especially attentive to such links, since it is in the first six months of their life that an opinion about them is formed by search engines. If you place a link or banner (end-to-end) on your website that will be visible on every page of the website, then think 100 times whether it is worth it: you may be paid 1,000 rubles for a posted end-to-end link or banner, while your ranking in search engines will drop significantly. Our tip for young websites: Never post end-to-end links to third-party resources, at least until you are established by the search engines. If you still use links to third-party websites in your texts, materials or on some pages of the website, then wrap them in noindex and nofollow tags, then they will exist for your website visitors, but will not be meaningful for search engines. In our opinion, the number of external links, even on an already promoted website, should be no more than 1 per page, and end-to-end links should be removed altogether, unless, of course, you are not paid such an amount for them that you are ready to risk the rating of your website. Many people put a huge number of counters, group widgets, etc. on their website. Do not forget that all of them, in addition to scripts, contain links, and if the scripts search engines recognize and skip it, then the links are taken into account. Of course, search engines recognize and understand that these are links to statistics, to social networks and, in fact, should not take them into account, but we still advise you to think carefully before placing a huge number of such counters and widgets on your website. If you really need them, make sure they are placed correctly so that it does not harm your website. Sonar.Network will show all pages with more than 10 external links.
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