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More recently, large images have become a trend in web design. Today, many professionals try to comply with this fashion and create websites and pages that have flat design, original structures, large fonts and images that are not small in size. Large pictures are mainly used to design the top of the website, called heroarea. The visitor's gaze immediately falls on such a place and their preliminary opinion and attitude to what they see is formed. The requirements for such images are high information content, it means, the main proposal or the embodiment of an idea. The visitor's attention must be confidently captured at a glance. Large format drawings have replaced outdated sliders, which are rarely used in web design. And there are good reasons for this. Flickering slides have become intrusive, as well as stereotypical internet banner ads. And websites with installed sliders often slow down and make the visitor expect that it does not in any way affect the resource in a positive way. Large images on the website are an anchor that can carry specific information, for example, an offer of services or a sale of a product, attracting attention and interest to learn more from the page. Large sizes in the psychology of perception, of course, are the object of attracting attention. Placing large format pictures allows you to create a page with a unique and unique look and feel, highlighting a unique offer, which together will work quite effectively. But only an experienced webmaster knows how to properly place large images on website pages to emphasize the overall design and interest the visitor. But the significant disadvantages of large images are long page load times. Therefore, if you are going to promote your page, especially on HF, select images very carefully. It is recommended to use images up to 256kb, several images up to 256kb per page allow all Internet users to use your website, keep in mind that outside of large cities a good Internet is still an expensive thing. In order to find such difficult places on the website Sonar.Network finds all the heavy pictures and shows you the pages on which they are located. And then, it is easy to deal with them.
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