Find duplicate H1 on the website

Despite the fact that there is an unspoken rule to use only one H1 tag on one page, nevertheless, it is not a must. Therefore, it is not correct to use duplicate H1 when generating content. You can verify this if you look at the TOPs of search engines - you will always find websites where this setting is violated. So we can come to the conclusion that the key role in the evaluation of the website is still played by its content, and not the validity of the html layout. However, you should not abuse titles, it is important to use them for their intended purpose, it means, to highlight the title and logical parts of the text. This rule should also apply to other tags. This statement indirectly confirms that the network contains a huge number of websites with a completely irregular structure. Nevertheless, since their content is of some interest to users, search engines pay little attention to such errors and rank sites. However, it is also wrong to think that the illiterate use of these tags does not lead to any consequences. So the selection of large sections of text, or the desire to write several keys between tags at once, dividing and making the text unreadable, cannot go unnoticed. It is precisely these techniques that are perceived negatively by bots, and sanctions can be applied to such websites. To avoid unnecessary use of the title tag, it is rational to use duplicate H1 like H2-H6.
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