Find broken images on a website page

Having broken images for website optimization is almost the same as having links to 404 pages, only in addition it affects the visual design of your website. And thus it also affects the user factor and, accordingly, conversion. I will give a few examples of why their presence is bad: 1. Links to non-existent files (yes, these are the same 404 statuses), the page with which there are links to non-existent documents, decreases in the results of issuing the PF; 2. The page breaks if there is no image to which the space on the page is devoted; 3. The page takes longer to load, because the browser, when opening such a page, until the last second tries to load the image; Sonar.Network will show you all links to broken images and pages where these images are located. And you just have to replace the pictures on these pages and start checking your website for rechecking.
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