Find all nofollow links on the website

The value of the nofollow parameter prevents the search engine from following the links on this page or a specific link. Previously, nofollow was used in a page-level meta tag. This value indicated that search engines should not click on links on this page (it means, they should not scan corresponding URLs). Nofollow links have strong drawbacks: 1. Nofollow links do not affect search relevance. Search engines never take them into account. 2. Links with nofollow do not transfer trust. If the nofollowed link is on a fairly trusted website like Wikipedia, then it won't have any impact on rankings. Any link on popular websites containing nofollow, at best, will not affect the growth of your indexing in any way. 4. It is strictly forbidden to include nofollow links on your website for internal links. If it happens that such links are installed on your website, take action to remove such links. And to quickly find all the pages on which links with nofollow are installed, go from "my projects" to your website and click "Links with nofollow" in the left menu. Sonar.Network will show all pages where you have nofollowed links.
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