Empty or not containing href in the link

Any hypertext document is based on links. Thanks to them, there is an available opportunity to navigate between web pages. A feature of links is that redirection can be configured not only to other websites or online portals, but also to individual files. An important nuance is that they must have access to them, even if this file is on another website. It is very important to write the code correctly, not to make mistakes, otherwise the result will be the so-called "broken" link. This means that the link may simply not work, not be selected, and when clicked, display an error or a warning window. How are links created? Even a novice programmer will be able to quickly insert the necessary links into the page code if he is attentive to the writing of symbols. To design a link, use the <a> tag. The general complete picture of the link code will look like this: </a> <a href = "URL"> link text. The URL, in this case, is the final address of the file to which the user will be redirected. Using such a set of characters, we get a highlighted in blue and underlined file link with any text we want. The text itself, which changes externally, is the link text between the <a> and </ a> tags. Empty links: what are they and their features? The # symbol is used to indicate an empty link, and it is inserted instead of the file address, it means, instead of the URL. Therefore, the link will look like this: <a href = "#"> link text. When you click on such a link, nothing will happen, no file will open, since its final address is not specified anywhere. More often than not, clicking an empty link will cause the page to scroll to the top. This function is often used for the Up button. How to find empty links in the site code? It is best to use the online service sonar.network. By copying the website address and adding it to the service account for analysis, you can conduct a full technical audit of the website, find not only empty links, but also "broken" ones, fix errors in the code, etc. Such an online analysis of the website will save you time, point out everything, even the most insignificant mistakes, made in writing the code. If you look for empty links yourself, without conducting a technical audit of the website, you may not notice the wrong code, mistakenly entered symbol and you will not get rid of the troubling problem. What to do with empty links? After conducting a detailed analysis of the website, you will see all the shortcomings in the code, missing characters, errors, etc. Empty links do not cause any inconvenience. It means, they can even be used to go to the top of the page.
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