Duplicate pages without rel canonical, how to find quickly

From an SEO standpoint, duplicate pages without rel canonical are very dangerous. Search engines perceive them critically, which leads to a loss of rankings, and sometimes to the imposition of a filter. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to find and delete duplicates in a timely manner. The emergence of this dilemma leads to various negative consequences: - Decrease in the relevance of the home page and keyword positions. - Due to the intensive change in the relevant anchors, there are "jumps" in the positions of keywords. - General decrease in the ranking of the whole website or an individual page URL. The points mentioned above force SEO-optimizers to focus on finding and removing duplicates during the period of internal optimizations. What are the duplicates and how to get rid of them? There are two types of duplicates by their structure, therefore, the search and struggle with them are slightly different: - A full duplicate is when one page is located at two or more addresses. - A partial duplicate is when a piece of content is repeated across a number of pages. In this situation, the page will not be a complete original. Some users turn to specialists for help to find and get rid of duplicate pages without rel canonical. At the moment, it is not economically viable, since there are unique services, thanks to which you can correct errors on the website yourself. Quick search for duplicates. Thanks to sonar.network, you can quickly find out the location of duplicates and delete them in a few clicks. To do this, you do not need to install suspicious programs and waste a lot of time, everything happens online: - You need to register on the website; - Choose a suitable tariff and start using it. To ensure the quality, Sonar provides the opportunity to use its services for free for one week. Website analysis takes a short amount of time, about 30-40 minutes. After that, you will be shown the duplicates in detail and you will be shown how to delete them. Most customers fix these errors on the first day of use. Benefits. The technical audit of the website is carried out automatically. You don't need to download or install anything on your computer. The system itself prepares and sends you a report to the cloud. Other actual benefits include the following: - 24/7 technical support for users promptly and clearly answers questions related to the system. - Errors are structured by type: they are generated in order of importance. - Actual cost, inexpensive tariff packages. - You also get the opportunity to carry out seo page analysis, conduct online website analytics and website quality analysis. It doesn't take much time to analyze the website. Sonar.network service, thanks to which you can analyze the website quickly and efficiently. For a deep check of a seo website, you only need the address of the web page, which is entered in a special line. After a short time, you get an automated and fast website analysis that will help you cope with any code-related problem.
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