DESCRIPTION of more than 260 characters

We often hear that it is better not to write DESCRIPTION of more than 260 characters, and less characters will not lead to anything good. But this is just one of the rules for filling this meta tag. In order for it to fully perform its functions effectively, you need to take into account more nuances.
The importance of this attribute is very high, as it briefly describes all the information that the user can find on the page by viewing the snippet in the search results. Let's take a look at more guidelines for filling in the important DESCRIPTION meta tag: DESCRIPTION over 260 characters will be unfinished. It just won't be able to fit into the snippet. A smaller meta tag filled in volume will have voids. Which is rather impractical in both cases.
A well-written DESCRIPTION carries the keywords and phrases that are on the page. High-frequency keys are placed at the beginning of the description, no more than a couple of phrases. Without frequent, 5-6 times, repetitions of one word. The description should be specific and harmonious, concise and understandable to fit the page. It is advisable not to use general phrases. DESCRIPTION should be unique on each page of the website. It is strongly discouraged to apply one description to several pages, even filling them out temporarily, as this often leads to confusion. The padding of the DESCRIPTION and TITLE attributes must not match.
Write this meta tag to make it a pleasure to read. DESCRIPTION has a relative impact on a website's position in search results. It is very often accentuated by most users and often thanks to it, a choice is made. Now you not only know that you cannot write DESCRIPTION more than 260 characters, but you also will not make other mistakes in optimizing your website.
You can always find where on your website the DESCRIPTION length is more than 260 characters using Sonar.Network

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