DESCRIPTION of less than 50 characters

DESCRIPTION of less than 50 characters is short, and more than 160 is already long. Written without the use of keywords is an overlooked nuance in page optimization, and the use of more than 4 keys is possible spamming. And yet, what should be the correct meta-tag DESCRIPTION, or rather how to write it.
DESCRIPTION is a meta tag designed to briefly describe a page that visitors and search engine robots see, and it appears below the link to your page in search results. This means that it is necessary to write text for this attribute both for people and for search engines. It is impossible to emphasize the writing of DESCRIPTION only on one side, as you will lose on the other.
A small DESCRIPTION of less than 50 characters, as well as a significantly larger one (> 160 characters), will negatively affect the perception of your website visitors and the perception of robots. You should be content with the full size of the meta tag, the ability to write 150-160 characters, containing everything that is most beneficial to you. In this small volume, you must add a full-fledged text that will be easy to read, will fully tell you about what the visitor can find on this page and attract him. At the same time, DESCRIPTION should have a sufficient number of keywords (3-4) that were used to optimize the page and not have frequent repetition of some words. Given these points, you can write a quality description that everyone will like. DESCRIPTION of less than 50 characters are written only when the optimizer does not care about the future of your website, its position in the search engine and the perception of your potential customers.
Well, if, after all, this meta-tag does not meet its banal requirements, then you are missing a lot. You can always find where on your website the DESCRIPTION length is less than 50 characters using Sonar.Network

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